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Jcole19 GYO Verified

Member since Feb 11, 2019

North America

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StaxZ GYO Verified

Member since Oct 13, 2019

NA (Midwest) Competitive

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Member since Jan 01, 2020

NA (Midwest) Competitive

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Tiger Matahari GYO Verified

Member since Jul 01, 2019

NA (East)

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Ascendant Hit

Member since Dec 20, 2019

NA (East) Mix

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Member since Dec 15, 2019

NA (West) Mix

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Member since Sep 21, 2019

India Mix

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Member since Feb 13, 2019


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Where can you get a glider in PUBG?

Welcome to our guide to all of the PUBG glider spawns. One of the key risk/reward choices you need to make in any battle royale game is whether you're happy to cover long distances if that means alerting your remaining rivals. Now that the new Motor Glider has arrived for PUBG season 6, that gambit is even more acute. That's because this bright yellow beast is loud, but you may need to make a last-gasp choice to get yourself out of a hot zone or an area at risk of being consumed by The Circle—if…

PUBG Season 6 and its new 64-player dynamic map are now on the test server

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' sixth season is due to begin soon, but ahead of its launch you can take it for a spin in the test server, along with Karain, a new fast-paced 64-player map. Check out some footage of the map in action above. Karakin is a 2x2km map with five settlements on the coast and loads of big open spaces where you'll inevitably be sniped in front of a Twitch audience. PUBG Corp says you can expect Miramar's tension but the speed of Sanhok. The map's twist is that it's dynamic…

PUBG is introducing a brand new map with destructible buildings

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds new year action will see players getting to drop in on a brand new 64-player map, the island of Karakin. Set in a delightfully arid desert location, Karakin has completely destructible buildings thanks to an edgy new feature named Black Zone – a hazard that changes the map layout each match.On top of this, players who enjoyed the Motor Glider featured on PUBG Labs last month will be thrilled to hear it hits live servers today. I’m sure it won’t be long now until you’re…

PUBG unveils new map as Vikendi goes "on vacation"

PUBG's season 6 is upon us (don't worry, I've lost track too), and with it PUBG Corp is introducing a significant amount of new content. This includes a new map and weapons - at the cost of saying goodbye to Vikendi for a while, as the map has been temporarily removed from public matchmaking. According to the patch notes, new map Karakin is a small 2x2km island providing "the tension of Miramar combined with the pace of Sanhok" for 64 players at a time. There's a mixture of long-range sniping in…

Update 6.1 - Now on the Test Server

Season 6 is upon us and it brings with it a brand new island to the Battlegrounds. Karakin has risen like its namesake from the sea to bring intense action and quick gameplay to PUBG. New dangers, new weapons and a whole new island await, so let’s drop into the action of Update 6.1.


Higher tension, faster pace: Welcome to Karakin. Karakin is a 2×2 km island off the coast of Northern Africa. It’s an arid, rocky environment that…

GYO COD MW League - Season 2 Announcement

Hello COD players,

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday break and new year. We've been busy at work updating and adding features to our league software to provide a better experiance for you all. 

Season 2 is kicking off after a great period of testing during season 1. We've made some changes to the format and structure. Check out the changes below: 

1. League and game chat lobbies

We've added a chat lobby now to the league homepage dashboard and for each of your individual matches. We want communication to be fluid without you having to go back and forth from discord to the site. This is currently in "beta" mode, so there may be some bugs. We'd love for you to utilize the chat lobby so we can get some feedback on improving this. 

2. Pre-made teams and free agents are allowed in Season 2

There was a substantial amount of teams that requested to join with pre-made teams. Starting season 2, teams may join as complete teams. 

Free agents are also welcome to join and captains will utilize the draft process to ensure those players are placed on a team. 

3. Games are scheduled for Saturday and Sunday for 9pm EST. 

We saw that the weekend in the evening is the most open times for participants to play. Games will be scheduled for a locked start time. We want to make sure people can schedule adequetly without having to discuss re-scheduled times. We're not going to completely ignore rescheduling, if it works best for both teams and it's within a reasonable time, we'll allow it. 

4. If you paid for Season 1, you do not need to pay for Season 2. 

Please message me through GYO messages or discord if you have any questions, we're looking forward to kicking off Season 2 and improving the leagues for you all! 

Noah Hankinson

Discord: Noah Hankinson#9532

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