PUBG update 7.3 lets you bail out of exploding vehicles before they go bang


PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' free weekend might be coming to an end today, but PUBG Corp's got some exciting news to share about a batch of upcoming goodies, features, tweaks, and fixes headed to the battle royale game's test servers very soon. PUBG update 7.3 lands for testing on June 10, bringing a new throwable - the sticky and explosive C4 - as well as a parachute follow feature and chance to bail out of exploding vehicles before they go bang.
That's according to the PUBG patch 7.3 notes over on the multiplayer game's website here, which announce there's a pretty sizeable bunch of vehicle balance changes on the way. Amongst these you'll find a handy new chance to escape from vehicles when they hit 0 HP - they'll no longer explode instantly, instead catching fire and giving you a precious five seconds to get out and get running. However, they'll still be vulnerable to "large radial damage, like from Red Zones, C4 etc", as you'd expect.
Plus, most vehicles will now have "multiple damage zones which apply different damage multipliers", depending on exactly where they're hit. Nice. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: PUBG is free to play through this weekend PUBG's RP issue now "corrected", but around 30 minutes' lost ranked match data is "unrecoverable" PUBG's next update adds Ranked Mode, weapon balance tweaks, and bots

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