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Recent Issues What We're Doing About Them

Hello players,
We know the last few months have had some ongoing issues impacting gameplay and wanted to take a moment to address everything. We know the below issues have been extremely frustrating to deal with and we're sorry they've persisted for so long.
First of all, we want to give a brief statement on cheating. Combating cheaters is one of our highest priorities and we're utilizing multiple internal teams and external resources to find new solutions for this problem. We’ll be sharing more…

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PUBG has a new Team Deathmatch mode now

The latest Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds patch went live today, introducing a classic Team Deathmatch game mode. It’s being added as part of a new Arcade section in the game, which will start introducing more varied ways to play PUBG aside from the usual battle royale stuff. There’s some updates to that battle royale stuff too, though, including a few alterations to the new map Karakin, as well as some changes to how grenades and throwables work. (more…)

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Update 6.2 - Now Live!

PUBG Update 6.2 is now live!

Dive into the mayhem of the all new Team Deathmatch game mode, the first in a series of alternative ways to play PUBG that are coming to our new Arcade section of the menu. We’ll add and rotate new game modes as time goes on, but for now you can enjoy the FPS classic 8v8 frag fest.
Battle Royale is getting a bit of a change up as well with some much requested alterations to how frag grenades and other throwables work.

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Australia Fire Relief Charity Sale

As many of you know, Australia has been devastated by bushfires that began all the way back in September. While the New South Wales Fire Agency has now declared the fires contained, the impact they have had on the people and wildlife of Australia has been immense. An estimated 33 people and 1 billion animals were killed by the fires, with many more affected.
While we’re happy to see the fires contained, there’s an incredible amount of damage left in their wake. To help Australia through this…

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PUBG is adding an 8 on 8 team deathmatch mode

Despite making its name as a last man standing game of 30-ish minute rounds, Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds has dabbled with speeding up its matches over the years. It hasn’t quite outrun the “running simulator” pejorative because apparently I’m one of the few folks that actually enjoys having sweaty palms and an elevated heart rate while tactically sneaking from bush to bush as the play area narrows. Everyone else wants more action and fast.PUBG Coprp have attempted a team deathmatch mode before…

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PC Update 6.2 - Now on the Test server

Season 6 is in full-swing! Best hope the intensity and explosive gameplay of Karakin has you ready for our newest heart-pumping, non-stop action game mode- Team Deathmatch. PUBG LABS is also returning with the next iteration of our Skill-Based Rating test, with changes based on feedback received fro mthe first test.
We're making some much needed and often requested changes to throwables. Extra-attention has been paid to Frag Grenades, which will be seeing change reducing their overall strength.

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PUBG Arcade - Team Deathmatch

Team Deathmatch will be live with Update 6.2 on both PC and Console PUBG is founded on the premise of Battle Royale, but we know that sometimes you just need to change it up a bit. For those players, we’re happy to introduce Arcade, a new feature that focuses on the PUBG gunplay that you love, but in new game types to thrill and challenge you. While the idea is to continually add and rotate game types into Arcade, we’re starting with a tried and true FPS classic: Team Deathmatch.
PUBG’s Team…

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Dev Letter - Blood Effect Improvement

Welcome back Survivors,
With the December update, we introduced improvements to our in-game blood effects, which included changes to both environment splatter and misting from bullet hits. There's been varying degrees of sentiment from the community regarding the change, so we'd like to explain our reasoning for these changes in more detail.
The first change was a new particle effect, which was designed to remain consistent across all color mode settings. This change means that the size of the blood…

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Journey to PGC 2020: Welcome to the PUBG Global Series!

Hello Survivors,
Last December, we announced our plans to evolve and expand PUBG Esports in 2020 (Esports 2020: PUBG Global Series at a Glance). We learned a lot from 2019 and this year we aim to be ambitious with improvements. This new format is designed to be more accessible, engaging and action packed for our partners, players and viewers.
Today, we would like to provide a detailed look into the PUBG Global Series (PGS) that will help us raise the global status of PUBG esports and bring the strongest…

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PUBG 3rd Anniversary Skin Contest - Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Hello Players!
Thank you for your enthusiasm during this first-ever community skin event for PUBG. During the voting period, players around the world cast over 470,000 votes for their favorite designs and now we're thrilled to be able to share the winners of the PUBG 3rd Anniversary Skin Design contest.
Your winners are... Congratulations to @DY_BUDDY from China, @Karaagekun_kei from Japan, and @Seb34627111 from EU! These three winners came out on top of their respective categories to be named the…

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Getting a chicken dinner with PUBG's new planes is harder than it looks

Today in Playstyle Royale, the series where I head into a battle royale game and try to earn my chicken dinner while adhering to arbitrary rules, I will run someone over in a plane. They were added to Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds servers last week, opening up a new frontier of aerial murder. I’m not going to give…

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Update 6.1 - Now Live!

Season 6 kicks off with a bang by introducing the small but intense island of Karakin

[previewyoutube=OX2EIwDgwB0;full][/previewyoutube]With only a 2x2 field to work with, drops will be hotter, rotations will be riskier, and the excitement will be non-stop. Not even the cover of a building can save you from Karakin's relentless fury. New Breach Points offer alternative entry, penetrable walls allow clever enemies to fire before you can even see them, and the all new Black Zone lays waste to entire…

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PUBG's new map was designed to keep players on edge

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has come a long way. From Steam early access phenomenon to popularising the battle royale genre, PUBG has enjoyed millions of players across multiple platforms.On PC, though, PUBG's peak appears behind it. It has an astonishing all-time peak of 3.2m concurrent players on Steam, but that was achieved two years ago, in January 2018. Nowadays, PUBG peaks in the 600,000s.This is not to say PUBG is done and dusted. It remains a massive game on Steam, the third-most popular…

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Playerunknown's Battlegrounds added new map Karakin, and rotated out Vikendi

The travel company behind Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds today added a new stag weekend destination, the roasting North African island of Karakin. The new map is the smallest so far, only 2x2km but still cramming in 64 players. It’s hazardous too, because its new ‘Black Zone’ bombings can outright destroy buildings and the new sticky bomb weapon lets players blast holes in some walls too. With Karakin coming in, PUBG Corp are making space by rotating Vikendi out for a while. And lads? Pack sunscreen.

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Where can you get a glider in PUBG?

Welcome to our guide to all of the PUBG glider spawns. One of the key risk/reward choices you need to make in any battle royale game is whether you're happy to cover long distances if that means alerting your remaining rivals. Now that the new Motor Glider has arrived for PUBG season 6, that gambit is even more acute. That's because this bright yellow beast is loud, but you may need to make a last-gasp choice to get yourself out of a hot zone or an area at risk of being consumed by The Circle—if…

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Update 6.1 - Now on the Test Server

Season 6 is upon us and it brings with it a brand new island to the Battlegrounds. Karakin has risen like its namesake from the sea to bring intense action and quick gameplay to PUBG. New dangers, new weapons and a whole new island await, so let’s drop into the action of Update 6.1.


Higher tension, faster pace: Welcome to Karakin. Karakin is a 2×2 km island off the coast of Northern Africa. It’s an arid, rocky environment that…

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PUBG unveils new map as Vikendi goes "on vacation"

PUBG's season 6 is upon us (don't worry, I've lost track too), and with it PUBG Corp is introducing a significant amount of new content. This includes a new map and weapons - at the cost of saying goodbye to Vikendi for a while, as the map has been temporarily removed from public matchmaking. According to the patch notes, new map Karakin is a small 2x2km island providing "the tension of Miramar combined with the pace of Sanhok" for 64 players at a time. There's a mixture of long-range sniping in…

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PUBG is introducing a brand new map with destructible buildings

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds new year action will see players getting to drop in on a brand new 64-player map, the island of Karakin. Set in a delightfully arid desert location, Karakin has completely destructible buildings thanks to an edgy new feature named Black Zone – a hazard that changes the map layout each match.On top of this, players who enjoyed the Motor Glider featured on PUBG Labs last month will be thrilled to hear it hits live servers today. I’m sure it won’t be long now until you’re…

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PUBG Season 6 and its new 64-player dynamic map are now on the test server

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' sixth season is due to begin soon, but ahead of its launch you can take it for a spin in the test server, along with Karain, a new fast-paced 64-player map. Check out some footage of the map in action above. Karakin is a 2x2km map with five settlements on the coast and loads of big open spaces where you'll inevitably be sniped in front of a Twitch audience. PUBG Corp says you can expect Miramar's tension but the speed of Sanhok. The map's twist is that it's dynamic…

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PUBG LABS Report - Motor Glider

Welcome back to PUBG Labs intrepid survivors!
We hope everyone had fun flying the unfriendly skies above the Battlegrounds in our Motor Gliders. We've loved seeing your reactions to the winged wonders as you took to the air, and been more than impressed with many of your dog fighting abilities.
Thanks to the monumental amount of support we received for the Motor Glider we will be releasing it to Live Servers on January 15th. The majority of the mechanics for the aviary asset will remain largely the…

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