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Born and raised in Washington DC I was a kid family of 7. How's the middle child and life is hard growing up without a father all the tough times mom made sure we always had. Escape from the dangers of the outside world I would come inside and play video games all day. Little did I know I was crafting a beast from within Master at hand driven competitor, a gamer   an explorer. Every game world I said Hands-On or my mind to became apart of I overachieved I enjoyed myself I made Clips worthy keeping in time capsules. If only I can carry every counsel with me from then to now you'd only see the crazy and awesome things that were achieved. Nevertheless found my way through out the world's gaming that I am a very strategic mind I'm a very determined player and I get what I want whatever I set my mind to why there's a chicken dinner or for Honor I never give up. I love gaming and I would love to make a career out of it I love to make a life out of it show me good and bad things of course but that's the way all right. Look past the bad an Excel in the good achieve what no one could believe s*** just give it a chance. I became ascendant hit and that's what I knew I have a destiny to rise above the rest. Extremely team-based as well but Hitman 47 never worked as a team that's where it all started that's where we'll begin.

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let's go go to potato so we can get that chicken NA (East)

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