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Looking for full-time Pro Esports Opportunities, Scholarship and Sponsorship Offers.

A tenured IGL team leader with experience in regional placements and comp play on multiple platforms.

Proven track history in growing powerhouse teams/squads, with most recent Discord server growing 200% YOY with active users. Preferred system of PC, however, extensive and ongoing exposure to consoles allow for cross transferable skillset.

Ability to level the playing field, acting as a conduit understanding team needs and bringing out the best of each individual. A people person, with focus on fostering new and existing relationships to drive results.

Top performing Account Manager at a leading Fortune 500 company, with key focus of pursuing eSports in the project management capacity full time. Let's connect.

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Flex player specialising in IGL. NA (East)


Maverick flex player and experienced Team Leader. Leverages a mix of strategy and with ability to effectively analyse and adapt to any environment in realtime. 2500+ hours experience in PUBG FPP, with competitive experience. Calm under pressure, able to leverage aggressive play when needed to secure a win.

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